Sweet Nectar Soul Juice

Lead singer and baritone ukulele player, Monalicious, keeps it real with her raw lyrics and chill captivating vocals. Bass player, Swirl, holds down the groove and weaves intricate melodies on his 5-string bass. Drummer, Galaxy Bill, is a groove master with super deep pockets. Together they create a warm atmosphere of enjoyment and reflection.

In addition to Monalicious and Swirl having the same birthday exactly 11 years apart, the name Twin Flame Medicine was created in respect to the concept of 'twin flames' being two individuals who embody ying-yang energy to perfectly compliment and support each other in fulfilling their life purpose. This idea is embodied in the Twin Flame Medicine sound through the balance of the baritone ukulele and the 5-string bass. The two instruments complete a spectrum of 7 strings from B to E with an overlap of the D and G, mirroring the ying-yang aspect of 'twin flames'. Music has always been a very ceremonial art form and Twin Flame Medicine honors and utilizes this element through weaving intention into their songs. With the initial goal of making groovy music, Twin Flame Medicine wants to offer another depth to the listening experience, one that could be considered as medicine for the soul.


Twin Flame Medicine has had the privilege of playing festivals such as ARISE, Underground Music Showcase, Tribal Vision, Shamanic Boom, and Sisterwinds.